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Frequantly Asked Questions

FAQs are designed to help you understand better our service. You will find useful answers to your general questions about epostg service and how to participate.

Q1. Is this service available to any country?
A1. ePOSTg service is currently only avaible for shipments from South Korea to the USA including APO, FPO, PR and other US territories. However, we are working to expand this service to other countries.
Q2. Can I get the USPS tracking number when I print a shipping label?
A2. Yes, we provide fully integrated professional USPS shipping labels, so you will find a tracking number on printed shipping labels that can be traced via
Q3. Can I send any package to the US, and do I have to pay import taxes?
A3. If your package is valued under US$200, is not for commercial use, and does not contain any restricted, hazardous, and/or perishable materials defined by USPS regulation, you can send your shipment up to 30Kg using our hassle free service and any import taxes or duties will be waived.
Q4. How can I pay for the shipping charge?
A4. After registering at, you will be able to refill your postage account balance through a secured PayPal payment. If you have enough balance on your account, the shipping charge will be deducted from your account balance whenever a shipping label is printed.
Q5. Where do I have to send my shipment?
Q5. You must finalize your shipment end of day and print out the Control Doc in order to send your shipment to our receiving depot(s) located in or near Seoul, Korea. On the Control Doc, you will find instructions about where to send your shipment.
Q6. Do you provide a free pick up service?
A6. We are working hard to arrange a pick up service, but is currently not available. You will need to either drop them off at our designated receiving depot(s) or send them using any local carrier at your own expense. It is okay to put as many packages into one container as possible in order to save money.
Q7. Does the package need to be sent on the same day that I print a shipping label?
A8. We recommand sending packages out the same day. However, you have up to three calendar days from the print date to finalize your shipment. After this three-day window, you will not be able to create a shipment for the package. Any package that arrives without finilizing will be rejected by our receiving depot and you will be responsible for any cost for the removal of the shipment.
Q8. Can I request a refund for any unused shipping labels?
A8. You have five calendar days from the print date to request a refund electronically for any unused shipping label. After this five day period passes, the shipping label will not be applicable for a refund request.
Q9. Do you provide shipping insurance? If so, how can I file a claim for an undelivered package?
A9. Yes, you can choose a value added insurance service when you fill out the package information. Please note, the insurance claim amount is only for the package value less any shipping and handling charge. The insurance will not cover for the shipping charge you paid on Also, the insurance cannot be cancelled once you finalize your shipment and is not refundable.
Q10. Can I print a shipping label using any printer and paper?
A10. The shipping label is optimized for a 4x6in thermal printer and special thermal print labels. It is more cost-effective, professial and durable than using inkjet or laserjet printer. So if you are a professional seller, we recommend using a thermal printer to prevent any delay or returns due to bad printing or damages to the label.

If you have any more questions, please refer to the HELP page.